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Ruaha National Park

The sprawling expanse of Ruaha National Park covers an impressive area of 20,226 sq. km. and is located approximately 130 kilometres west of Iringa. The park takes its name from the Great Ruaha River, a life-giving vessel that criss crosses through the southeastern section of the park.

Ruaha National Park is an integral part of the Rungwa-Kizigo-Muhesi ecosystem, a vast wilderness area spanning 45,000 square kilometers. This unique ecosystem combines elements of both Southern and East African landscapes, showcasing the best of both worlds.

Safaris in Ruaha National Park stands as a brilliant demonstration of Tanzania’s commitment to wildlife conservation and ecotourism. Its stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and rich cultural heritage make it a must-visit Tanzania Safari Destination.

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Curious Safari-Goers Queries


Simplify your Tanzania Safari planning process with these brief explanations of commonly asked questions about Ruaha National Park.

What animals are in the Ruaha?

Ruaha National Park Wildlife is rich and varied. The prime examples include elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, African Wild Dogs, giraffes, zebras, Nile Crocodiles, etc. If herbivores are more to your liking, then, there’s a variety of sightings that can be expected during a Ruaha National Park Tour, including impalas, kudus, and sable antelopes.

One of the unique aspects of Ruaha National Park Safaris is the remote located that they are conducted in. This allows for more of a genuine connection to natural surroundings away from the bustle of crowds. The park’s rugged landscapes, diverse ecosystems, and abundant wildlife makes it a hidden gem too.

Ruaha National Park Fees is $15 for residents and $5 for children over 16 years of age. Remember that the fee amount varies based on factors such as nationality, duration of stay, and activities. It is recommended to check the latest park fees and entry requirements with the Tanzania National Parks Authority (TANAPA) or your Tanzania Safari Operator before visiting.

What is the best time of year to visit Ruaha National Park?

The Best Time to Visit Ruaha National Park is during the dry season, which typically runs from June to October. During this time, wildlife gathers around water sources, making for excellent game viewing opportunities. The dry season also offers clear skies and comfortable temperatures to take part in the different Things to do in Tanzania.

Ruaha National Park is known for its healthy population of lions – estimated to be around 10% of Tanzania’s lion population as a whole. Sightings of these kings of the savannahs are common during Ruaha National Park Safari Tours.

The name ‘Ruaha’ is derived from the Great Ruaha River which flows through the southeastern section of the park. In the local Bantu language, Ruaha is believed to mean ‘he who descended in water.’ This reflects the significance of the river as a lifeline for local communities as well as the Tanzania Wildlife which resides in the park.


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