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Orphanage Program

Tanzania has a large number of orphans. It’s estimated over 1.3million children are orphans due to parents dying from HIV/AIDS. Also, other orphans are caused by high poverty rate some of these kids migrate from their homes to seek better living standard and other basic needs and some are abandoned by their parents due to their inability to care for them.

These orphans are in need of love, good homes, hygiene, and education. Our volunteer program is there to create hope, assist these orphanages in labor to ensure that these kids lack nothing

Skills requirement

This program requires no prior experience or skills, what I require is patience and willingness to help these children

Our volunteer will teach these beautiful children English for a few hours, play with the different games, stories and assist staffs in other tasks

Teaching program

There is so much need for help in Tanzania schools. It is said to equal education opportunity for all but that is not normally the case, some of these kids are facing lack of sufficient teachers and books. As part of solution finder, our program will introduce you to our very own school and some neighboring schools which face such difficulties. We work with Local schools

Our teaching program varies from Nursery school/ early childhood to primary school. Volunteers/ Interns will have an opportunity to teach the basics such as math, and English, and other subjects as instructed by the school supervisor. Also will have a chance to play together with different games and other extra curriculum activities such as singing, drama,

Health care project

Most of the people who live in Tanzania rural areas and urban lack adequate health service and most of the local hospitals are short staffed. You can volunteer to local hospitals by shadowing local nurses and doctor and assist them on the task they instruct you to. Your responsibility will vary based on your experience and educational background

Your work will be to assist the local doctors and nurses with work they instruct, documenting patient history and first aid. You will not be allowed to perform any major surgeries and examinations.

We also have other programs such as Community development such as

  • Construction
  • Sanitation
  • Wildlife & Environmental conservation program
  • Local women empowerment program
  • Tourism and Hotels