Marangu Route

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Marangu Route

Known affectionately as the Coca Cola Route, the Kilimanjaro Marangu Route has welcomed countless adventurers looking to conquer Africa’s highest peak.

The 7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route holds a special place in the heart of climbers, not only for its accessibility but also for its unique feature of providing hut accommodations along the trekking path. As trekkers journey through the Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing experience, they are greeted by stunning vistas and the comforts of the huts, where tales of triumph and solidarity are shared.

The Kilimanjaro Marangu Route 7 Days offers a relatively gentle ascent with few steep climbs, making it an attractive option for climbers. However, despite its accessibility, the Marangu Route presents its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of acclimatization. With limited time for altitude adjustment, climbers must approach the journey with caution and heed the signs of their bodies as they progress towards the summit.

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Trail Clarifications

Marangu Route Faq’s

Offering clarity on various aspects of the Marangu Route, we at Rena Tours aim to equip climbers with knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

How hard is the Marangu Route?

The 7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Climb Marangu Route is considered one of the easier routes to the summit of Kilimanjaro, featuring gradual slopes and fewer steep climbs compared to other Routes up Kilimanjaro.

The success rate of the 7 Days Marangu Route varies, but it tends to be lower compared to other routes due to its shorter duration and less time for acclimatization.

The total elevation gain of the Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route 7 Days is approximately 4,800 meters (15,750 feet) from the starting point to the summit of Kilimanjaro.

How many miles is the Marangu route?

The 7 Days Mount Kilimanjaro Marangu Route covers a distance of approximately 64 kilometers (40 miles) round-trip from Marangu Gate to Uhuru Peak and back.

Marangu Gate, the starting point for the Kilimanjaro Marangu Route is located at an altitude of approximately 1,860 meters (6,100 feet) above sea level.

The Marangu route is often referred to as the “Coca-Cola route” due to its popularity and the availability of hut accommodations along the way, where climbers can purchase refreshments including Coca-Cola.

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