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Serengeti Tour

Fly High Above The Serengeti Plains- An Unforgettable Experience

Elevate your Serengeti Tour experiencewith a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over its vast endless plains. These rides give you a never-seen-before perspective on one of the world’s most awe-inspiring wildlife spectacles, the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Part of our Tanzania Safari Tours, the adventure lets you view the grandeur of the plains and the great wildebeest migration from a unique vantage point and adds a thrilling dimension to your holidays in Tanzania.

The Ultimate Serengeti Balloon Safari Experience

Safaris in Tanzania

On Safaris in Tanzania, you will get the unique opportunity to glide over the Serengeti in a hot air balloon and see the vibrant ecosystem from above. This quiet, floating journey provides an exceptional way to observe wildlife without disturbing their natural activities.

Combining the thrill of aerial viewing with the beauty of Serengeti’s landscapes and wildlife, the hot air balloon ride in Serengeti gives a full sensory immersion into Tanzania’s untamed wilderness.

Launching into the Sky – Pre-Dawn Beginnings

Hot Air Balloon Tour

Your Serengeti Tours involving hot air balloon rides begin in the early morning hours. It ensures that you capture the Serengeti at its most magical time. The calm and cool conditions at dawn make for ideal ballooning weather and ensure the most stable and enjoyable flight conditions.

Relevant Take-off points- Launch Sites

Depending on the season, flights take off from several key locations within the Serengeti National Park:

  • Central Serengeti (Seronera): All year
  • Ndutu Area: December to March
  • Western Corridor: June to October

Hot Air Balloon Flight Details

Each Serengeti Ballon Flight lasts about one hour, but of course, the memories will last a lifetime. Moreover, your route is determined by the wind, offering a unique journey each time. The pilot expertly navigates the balloon to provide the best views of the landscapes and wildlife below.

Starts at: 06 hours and Lasts for: 50 to 70 minutes

Wildlife Sightings from Above

Serengeti National Park Tours

From aloft, you may spot herds of wildebeest thundering across the plains, lions on the hunt, or elephants wandering through the bush. The elevated perspective offers a strategic viewpoint to observe the natural interactions of its inhabitants on Serengeti National Park Tours.

Planning Your Balloon Safari

To partake in this extraordinary adventure on your Serengeti National Park Vacation, here are some logistical details to consider:

  • Cost

A typical Serengeti Balloon Flight costs approximately $599 per person. This includes the Tanapa ballooning fee, transfer from your lodge to the departure site, the balloon flight, and a champagne breakfast post-flight.

  • Capacity

Each balloon can accommodate up to 16 passengers, allowing for an intimate yet communal Serengeti Safari Tour experience.

  • What to Bring

Dress in warm layers as mornings can be chilly before sunrise. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars for those perfect aerial shots and wildlife close-ups.

After landing from the Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari, you will get an awesome chance to celebrate your flight with a traditional champagne toast—an homage to ballooning tradition worldwide, followed by a gourmet bush breakfast prepared on the plains.

The Advantages of Ballooning in the Serengeti

Tanzania Safari Tours

Incorporating a hot air balloon ride into your Tanzania Safari Tours transforms an ordinary safari into an extraordinary aerial adventure over the Serengeti. This elevated journey brings a new dimension to wildlife viewing, making it a standout feature of any Serengeti Tour.

  • Experience a panoramic spectacle of the great migration and Serengeti wildlife from above.
  • Access unparalleled photographic perspectives that are unachievable on ground safaris.
  • Float silently above the plains, witnessing the sunrise in serene tranquillity.

Choosing a balloon safari adds an element of awe to your adventure, offering quiet moments of beauty as you drift above one of the most spectacular settings on Earth. This unique experience is sure to be one of the highlights of your Serengeti Tours, providing not just views but memories that last a lifetime.

Book Your Sky Safari Today & Soar above Serengeti

A hot air balloon ride is arguably the most spectacular way to view the Serengeti and its wildlife. Be it a special occasion or an extraordinary way to experience a new adventure, the balloon safari on Serengeti Tours is an exquisite choice.

It’s an essential part of any Tanzania Safari Tours, offering a peaceful yet exhilarating perspective of the dynamic ecosystem

For further information, contact Rena Tours to book your hot air balloon safari. Explore our diverse Tanzania Safari Packages to find the perfect addition to yoursafari vacation. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary way to witness the natural beauty of Tanzania from the skies!

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