Student’s trips involve an element of physical activity, cycling, trekking, cultural learning and this may be combined with a Service Learning program, especially which involves the community project that benefits and underprivileged community in a underdeveloped countries. Whether your major interest is film, art, music, history, sports, culture, our Rena Tours travel experts can arrange a very special itineraries that suits you. Our Students Safaris are accurately designed for Learning institutions, educational travel and other alumni that are seeking quality and true nature based on learning tours, our tours opens the eyes of the students as they get connected to the African Culture and experience what they have never experience before. We connect Students from all over the globe with local schools and colleges in Tanzania to help them understand African Curriculum and the way of learning, also they get a chance to participate on the different environmental programs like Tree Planting Project conducted in the rural areas to encourage the environment conservations.