Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Plantation Excursion.
A day tour to Materuni Village and Waterfalls is the best way to spend a day away from the town’s noises. The excursion to Materuni Waterfall gives a glimpse into the nature of Tanzania which allow you either to prepare your body for the upcoming climb to Kilimanjaro or relax your muscles after the climb.
This tour starts with a walk down to Materuni Waterfall. It is an opportunity to see how local fruit like passions, lemons, oranges, and mangoes grow, you will also get an opportunity learn some of the local history, traditions, norms, customs, village economy and agricultural activities. When you get to the waterfall, you can refresh yourself in the natural pool, so you will be needed to bring swimsuits.
The tour will proceed with a visit to the local village lying in the coffee plantations. The villagers together with guide will demonstrate the process of coffee farming and guide you through the preparation of coffee from farm to a cup. Sing and dance along with the Chagga people as they are grinding, roasting and boiling the beans. You will also eat Chagga traditional foods!