When it comes to accommodation we have something to meet every travelers need, from basic dome tents that allow you to feel like you are truly at one with nature, to luxury suits with private plunge pools and champagne on tap! Of course, where you chose to stay will depend on your budget, the type of experience you wish to have and what parks you wish to visit.
Below are some examples of the accommodation we offer to give you a flavor of what you can expect. Do get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs, preferences and budget so we can propose the best accommodation for you.

Tented Camps
Can there possibly be a better way to connect with wilderness than by sleeping in the heart of it with nothing other than a canvass tent between you and the animals? it really is a great way to immerse yourself into nature and in essence experience the safari night and day.
Fear not, tented camps are not exactly lacking in facilities! You can leave the sleeping matt and bag at home, you won’t need it here. The tens have proper beds, of the comfortable variety with plus pillows for a good night’s sleep. You will be waited on by attentive staff who will keep you well fed with gourmet meal and plentiful drinks.
Sit round the campfire in the evening sharing stories with your fellow travelers. Some may even have a pool to relax in during the hot afternoons.
Believe us when will tell you that some tented camps will far exceed the comfort of your home! We have categorized the various different types of tented camps below.

Permanent Tented Camps
This is where you can expect the most amount of luxury. As these are permanent fixtures it allows them to have the most robust of operations.
Expect wooden floors and en suit bathrooms with hot running water and flushing toilets. If you are joining us for a special occasion, maybe a honeymoon, why not treat yourself to a private plunge pool to cool down after a long dusty day on safari?
Many of the camps will also have central spacious living places such as fire pits and living rooms.
Talk to us about what you want. We work with a range of permanent tented camps, from those with long drops and bucket showers to those where you will have your own butler. The choice is yours!

Seasonal Safari Camps
The seasonal safari camps will move to where the action is ensuring you are always in an outstanding location. They are semi permanent, in that they only move 2 or 3 times a year which has the bonus of still being able to offer touches of luxury whilst making sure you are in the right place at the right time!
The tents will still be furnished with comfortable beds and tend to still have ensuit bathrooms with flushing toilets, however, because of how the water needs to be plumbed it is more likely they will have bucket showers, which we like to call safari showers!
There is usually a communal dining area as well as a lounge and fire pit. The service you can expect from staff is still exemplary and you can expect the food to be on a par with the permanent tents.

Mobile Camp
Although the most basic of accommodation we still ensure you have a comfortable stay. Depending on budget, you may still have your own private toilet, albeit chemical or pit, or this may be shared. There are luxurious options that are on a par with the seasonal camps but with the added bonus of greater exclusivity.
With a mobile camp you will move from one spot to the next every day ensuring you are always in the heart of the wilderness. This option is perfect if you are not so worries about the amenities and instead really want to immerse yourself in the safari experience.

If you prefer the idea of having more than just a canvass tent between you and the wildlife, then there is also the option of a lodge.
Lodges are generally chalets or bungalows and as you expect are permanent. Some assume that they will be more luxurious than the tented camps. This isn’t always the case, and as with camps, you can find budget lodges with basic amenities or you can find luxury lodges that rival the fanciest of resorts.
When you come on safari to Tanzania, there really is an option for every style and every budget. All you need to do is get in touch and we can build an itinerary for you.